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Delights Membership Program 

1.      Membership Enrolment

1.1 To join the Delights Membership Program as a member (‘Member”), pleaseregister by submitting an e-application providing yourfull name, mobile number and email address (mandatory fields) through the City Chain website (,Solvil-et-Titus website ( or Apps (“Membership Platform”).  Thereis currently no enrolment fee for joining the Delights Membership Program.

1.2 Upon successful enrolment,Members automatically receive Silver Membership. Members fulfilling thequalifying spending within the membership validity period at designated stores willbe upgraded to higher membership tiers. Please refer to section 2.1 for details.

1.3 The Delights MembershipProgram is open to individuals aged 18 or above. City Chain reserves the rightto grant, refuse or terminate Membership at its sole discretion.

2. Delights Membership Program Scheme

2.1 There are 3 membership tiers for the Delights Membership Program- Silver, Gold and Platinum. The qualifying spending required to upgrade orrenew Delights Membership tiers is indicated below:

Membership Tier




Qualifying Spending


Net Spending* of HK$1-HK$4,999 at designated stores+

Accumulated Net Spending* of HK$5,000  within the membership validity period at designated stores+

Membership Validity Period



12 months from the date of joining, upgrade or renewal, whichever occurs later

*Net Spending means the amount on the sales memo after the deduction ofany discounts and/or the value of any discount coupons

+Designated stores refer to City Chain stores (City Chain,City Chain Primo, City Chain Glam, C Square, Color Colors), City Chain outlets,Seiko boutiques, Solvil-et-Titus boutiques, City Chain website ( and Solvil-et-Tituswebsite ( in Hong Kong.

2.2 Membership will be upgraded/renewedautomatically within 24 hours upon the member fulfilling the qualifyingspending within the membership validity period. Platinum members who cannotfulfill the qualifying spending required within the membership validity periodwill be downgraded to Gold Membership.

2.3 Members may enjoy the followingprivileges in accordance with his/her membership tier.

(1) Discount offer;

(2) Welcome offer;

(3)Birthday offer^

(4)After-sale services (only applicable to Gold and Platinum Members);

(5)Limited Edition Pre-order (only applicable to selected Members).

^BirthdayOffer can be used once only within the member’s birthday month and cannot beused in conjunction with other promotional offers. Members are required toenroll in the Delights Membership Program no later than the first day of themonth immediately preceding the member’s birthday month in order to enjoy theBirthday Offer. Other terms & conditions listed on the Birthday Couponapply.  

2.3 Allmembership privileges including discounts, services, points and coupons usagewill only be honored upon presentation of Delights Membership on MembershipPlatform by the member in person.

2.4 The DelightsMembership is a personal membership and membership privileges may only beenjoyed by the member. The Membership as well as its privileges and accumulatedpoints are non-transferable. Each Member is only eligible for one membership.Neither qualifying spending nor points accumulated can be combined if multiplemembership accounts are created by a Member.

3. Delights Points and Rewards Redemption Program

3.1. Delights Points (“Points”) will be awarded to a Member after membershipverification and completion of a purchase. Gold andPlatinum members can earn 1 Point per HK$1 qualifying spending calculated basedon the Net Spending amount.

3.2 Points will be awarded and updated within1-2 working days from the completion date of the transaction atdesignated stores. Deposit transactions do not earn any Points, and full payment must be madebefore any Points can be earned.

3.3 Members can login to the MembershipPlatform to check their updated transactions and Points.

3.4 If a Member is entitled to a refund for any goods purchased, the Points awarded for that purchase will bededucted from and adjusted in his/her membership account when/after the refund is made. For couponsutilized by way of Points redemption, where a refund is not possible, City Chain reserves the right to claim losses from a Member.

3.5 Memberspurchase at designated stores can earn Points after membership verification.However, if a customer completes a transaction before he/she becomes a Member,he/she cannot claim the Points relating to that prior transaction.

3.6Earning of Points may be subject to change during special promotions, withoutprior notice.

3.7 Points earned under any membership tier are valid for 365 days fromthe date the Points are earned (“Points ValidityPeriod”). All unused Points will be forfeited after the expiry of the PointsValidity Period.

3.8 A Member who has accumulated sufficient Points in his/her membershipaccount is entitled to redeem coupons or gifts through the Membership Platform. Available coupons and gifts shall belisted at the “Reward Program” section of the Membership Platform. Redemption items are limited, and are available while stockslast. When stock is unavailable, City Chain will contact the Memberfor further arrangement.

3.9 Members from Hong Kong must complete the redemption at City Chain website ( Solvil-et-Titus website ( in Hong Kong.

3.10 Upon redemption of a coupon or gift, the respective Points will be deductedfrom the membership account. Points with the earliest expiry dates are deducted for redemption first. All redemption requestwill be regarded as redemption made by the Member in person.

3.11 For redemption of CityChain rebate coupons, all coupons will automatically be saved at a Member’saccount upon redemption confirmation.

3.12 For redemption of othercoupons or gifts, City Chain will either send a redemption letter or the actualcoupons / gifts to the Member’s delivery address in 30 working days. A delivery address with a P.O box is not accepted. Members are required toprovide a valid local contact number and delivery address for delivery.

3.13 In case a redemptionletter is sent to the Member, the Member has to present the original of theredemption letter and Delights Membership on Membership Platform to collect or use theredeemed item at the designated location(s). Collection and usage of theredeemed item is subject to terms and conditions as listed on the Membership Platform. Members arerequired to collect or use the redeemed item within the specific period. Nore-issue or compensation will be arranged after the item collection or usage period.

3.14 All coupons and gifts offered for pointredemption as listed on the Membership Platform as well ascorresponding Points required are subject to change from time to time withoutprior notice.

3.15No refund, exchange, or cancellation of redemption is allowed upon redemption confirmation.

3.16 Members are responsible for, and are required to payall customs charges, postal clearance fees, import duties and taxes (includingall associated handling and administrative fees charged by local customs ordelivery service providers) where applicable at the destination. All fees aresubject to change without prior notice. City Chain shall be deemed to havedischarged its delivery obligations once the redeemed gifts are sent to thedelivery service provider for dispatch.

3.17 All gifts/services are manufactured or provided bythird parties. City Chain is neither the supplier nor manufacturer of anygifts/services and excludes all liability in respect therefor.

3.18 City Chain is not responsible or liable in any wayfor the warranty and/or maintenance (if any) of the gifts. Members are advisedto contact the third party of gift producer directly should there be any queryor dispute concerning the product warranty and/or maintenance.

4. Coupon Usage

4.1 All coupons, including birthday coupons, cash coupons and rebate couponsredeemed with Points, can be found at the Member’s account of the MembershipPlatform.

4.2 Usage of all coupons is subject to the terms and conditions containedherein.

4.3 Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash, whether in whole or in part.

4.4 Coupons arenon-transferrable, and may be used by the Member in person only (except special promotional coupons).

4.5 The maximum 40% of the net purchase amount can only be deducted by therebate coupons redeemed by Points.

4.6 The net amount afterrebate coupons will be entitled for Points only, when the rebate coupons are usedat the transaction.

4.7 In case of disputes, the decision of City Chain shall be final and conclusive.

5. Others

5.1 It takes within 1-2 working days to update records on the Membership Platform, which includes but is notlimited to a Members’ personal information, purchase history, Pointstransaction record and Points balance.

5.2 As the Membership Platform operates through systems which rely on networkslike communication networks and electricity networks, which may be beyond thecontrol of City Chain, City Chain cannot guarantee that the Membership Platformwill operate efficiently at all times. However, City Chain will make allreasonable commercial efforts to ensure our system supports the operations inconnection with the Membership Platform.

5.3 City Chain may provide Members with new services associated with the membershipfrom time to time, and these new services will be governed by these terms and conditions and the terms and conditions of the respectiveservices.

5.4 If a Member breaches or City Chain have reasonable grounds to believe thata Member has breached these terms and conditions or involved in fraudulent transactions, City Chain mayeliminate those fraudulent transaction records or suspend or terminate his/hermembership and/or forfeit the awarded Points immediately and seek to recover any damages that the breach may have caused CityChain, its directors, employees, agents, affiliates and business partners.

5.5 City Chain may make changes to the Delights Membership Program andrelated terms and conditions from time to timewithout prior notice. A copy of the latest version of these terms and conditions is available on City Chainwebsite (, Solvil-et-Titus website ( or the Membership Platform.

5.6 In the event the Delights Membership Program is to beterminated, City Chain will inform Members of further arrangements by givingprior notice at least 1 month in advance through the Membership Platform, e-mailor SMS.

5.7 In no case shall City Chain, its directors, employees, agents, affiliatesand business partners be liable for any loss, damage, costs or expenses arisingfrom or connected with the Delights Membership Program and/or the use of the MembershipPlatform.

5.8 In the event of inconsistencies between the English and Chinese versions ofthese terms and conditions, the Englishversion shall prevail.